Water sector utility managers are:

  • Losing experienced operators due to retirement
  • Losing institutional knowledge as those experienced operators leave
  • Looking for a way to train new employees to competently operate their systems

Training Hub gives you a system to capture and transfer site specific institutional knowledge

By documenting your training plan, you will be ready to bring anyone up to speed on your specific system in half the time. By having a documented training plan, you will have new employee contributing much sooner which will increase their job satisfaction and ease your training burden.

Watch the interview with Joe Kerschner to hear why he founded American Water College and was able to:

  • Retain and transfer institutional knowledge

  • Reduce new operator training time by half

  • Get operators licensed sooner

  • Increase operational consistency and efficiency

Joe Kerschner now has a free eBook you can download to see how to put your own Job Training Plans together. Download it here.

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License training included

We have a range of license training options depending on your need. From simple to use exam prep with a 99% pass rate for those that finish it before their exam, to required courses to qualify for the exams, all the way to Certificate Program which could substitute for up to 1 year of operator experience.

You won’t find a more comprehensive online water sector training library. Our courses range from simple 1 hour review courses to full certificate programs. We cover management and technical topics specific to the water industry, that will help you pass any test.

Since all our courses are online, you can get your operators started anytime and get a head start on the next exam.

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Operational consistency

By having a consistent training program for all your operators, you will increase operational consistency. The results could be lower operational costs, less time spent troubleshooting, happier customers, and overall improved employee moral because they won’t be fixing something the previous shift did wrong.

The city of Stockton Water Reclamation Facility in California addressed both operational consistency and the inevitable staff turn over, by developing a documented training plan. They started at the Headworks and documented all the processes and procedures using text, images, and videos from a cell phone. They continued throughout the facility and now have a well documented training plan for any new employee.

See the case study

Download a Case Study

Automate your training program

Spend less time tracking and more time getting things done with tools like Jobs to automatically assign required courses based on someones job position, or Groups for classes that span across multiple Jobs. Setup continuing education classes to reassign so you don’t have to think about whether or not your operators will get the required hours to renew.

Schedule regular reports to be sent straight to your inbox to keep track of training usage and see who is (or isn’t) logging in to take their classes.